Cabinet d'Orthodontie Faiencerie Luxemburg

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontics primarily concerns the recognition, prevention and treatment of jaw and tooth misalignments with the objective of restoring optimal chewing functionality for both the patient and their teeth following treatment.

Tooth misalignments are not only often unsightly and the reason behind speech impediments, they can often present an additional burden for individual teeth. Furthermore, they can often lead to caries and periodontis as they prevent proper cleaning of certain teeth as a result of their position.

Modern orthodontics is no longer contingent on age. Healthy teeth can be corrected and moved into their optimal position at any point in your life. An optional and inflammatory-free tooth and periodontium is the key prerequisite in this regard.

We use an intraoral scanner at our orthodontic clinic. 
Intraoral scanning technology enables us to take a “digital impression”. This highly precise image of your oral cavity is then created in 3D. There’s no need to take a manual tray impression, making the procedure completely painless and comfortable for you.