Orthodontics for adults

We also provide comfortable and, above all, invisible tooth correction for adults in the case of unsightly tooth misalignments.

Hidden braces (lingual treatment technology)

Incognito 3M Unitek or 2D Forestadent

The decision whether to undergo an aesthetic tooth alignment procedure to treat misalignment is typically met with hesitation by adults due to visible braces. Don’t let this aesthetic aspect prevent you from getting the beautiful smile you deserve! Lingual technology has produced braces that are completely invisible to wear. In this case, the braces are fixed to the inside of your teeth.

“Invisible” tooth aligners

Invisalign® or Clear Aligner

The second most popular invisible tooth alignment method is Invisalign, an invisible and removable custom-made aligner. Your current situation will be modelled using computer graphics and the desired treatment outcome will then be displayed in 3D. Treatment is carried out step by step, with a new custom-made aligner produced for each phase. Tooth misalignments are then corrected within 12 to 14 months through the application of pressure in the required direction.

Treatment of the temporomandibular joint

Just like the meniscus in a knee, jaws also contain a joint: the temporomandibular joint. Dislocation of the temporomandibular joint can lead to mandibular joint problems. You may experience the joint cracking when you chew or yawn as well as pain in the region in front of your ears, or even unequal leg length. As treatment, a custom-made bite aligner is developed to relieve the joint.
Following successful treatment with the jaw aligner, it will then be decided whether this strain relief requires long-term maintenance through prosthetic restoration.

The treatment process

Please find more information and tips on the treatment process here:

Before treatment:

At your first appointment, we will determine whether orthodontic treatment is required after careful examination. Please provide a current X-ray image taken within the last 6 months.

The subsequent examination includes elements such as taking an impression of your teeth and an X-ray image. We pay special attention to the positioning of the tongue when the patient speaks. A manual functional analytical examination determines whether treatment in cooperation with a speech therapist or ENT physician is required.


It’s key that your body adapts to the changes taking place in your mouth during the first few days Gum irritation, increased salivation, speech impediments and increased pressure on teeth may occur.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you experience any issues with the aligner or brace after the setting-in phase.

After treatment:

In order to ensure your teeth and jaw permanently remain in the realigned position, we use a removable holding device or discreet permanent treatment devices such as a retainer. This is a wafer-thin wire that is fixed to the rear side of your teeth. We recommend booking a check-up appointment after treatment.

Treatment and cost projection:

The treatment and cost projection is primarily intended for patients to communicate costs to their health insurance provider and for their own insurance purposes with regards to assumption of costs. The medical history, x-rays, photos and impression models are analysed with the aid of a special diagnostic program, which enables us to create an individual treatment plan. This includes all devices used, the duration of treatment and the precise cost breakdown.

Treatment then commences once the treatment and cost projection has been approved by the insured party’s health insurance provider. The health insurance provider is subject to a deadline for approval. If this deadline is not adhered to, your application shall be regarded as approved. (duration of approx. 6 weeks)