What should I do if I experience...?

New braces were fitted to regulate your tooth and jaw positioning. 
You may experience pain or issues from time to time.

In order to provide some relief, we’re prepared the following tips for you:

... general pain from the apparatus

Our protective wax can quickly and easily remedy any issues caused by a bothersome bracket, stabbing sensations from the arch wires, or your lips or cheeks rubbing against the brace. Simply take a large piece of wax, heat it gently between your fingers and apply to the relevant area.

... painful pressure from arches

The initial arches are thermoplastic, i.e. their strength changes depending on the temperature. The ideal temperature for the arches is mouth temperature. Pressure will reduce when it’s cold and increase when it’s hot. Consequently, we advise caution when it comes to hot foods and drinks during the first few days of wearing braces. If the pressure becomes extremely painful, drink something cold or suck on an ice cube to reduce the pain.

... a bothersome arch/arch end

Light wires that are used at the start of treatment may be shortened if they prick your mouth. Both nail scissors and clippers can be used to clip the culprit wire. Any bothersome wire ends from strong arches can also be temporarily covered with protective wax.

... an arch coming out of the bracket?

With our brackets, the arch is fixed in place with a kind of clip in the bracket slot. If the arch comes out of the bracket, simply press the arch back into the tie until it locks into place.

... a loose bracket?

If a bracket comes loose, moves back and forth on the wire or falls off completely, please make an appointment to come and see us as soon as possible. As the brace is no longer able to fully expand with a loose or missing bracket, treatment must be sought within a week. If the bracket is significantly disruptive, it can be covered with protective wax in the interim.

... a loose band?

Sometimes a single bracket isn’t the only thing attached to the rear molars. They may also be completely covered with a metal ring, otherwise known as a band. If the band is fixed to the arch wires, please take care not to damage your gums whilst eating. If the band detaches from the arch wires, please bring the band to the repair appointment.

... daily dental care

Please use the brushes we provided you with. You can also buy more of these brushes from your local pharmacy.

Use the small interdental brushes and mono-brush in addition to your “normal” tooth brush. You can also use an electric toothbrush.
Apply Elmex gelée to treat your teeth with fluoride once a week.

... when eating?

Braces can withstand chewing whilst eating. Nonetheless, we advise avoiding very hard or sticky foods, as they may cause the wires to bend and/or the brackets and bands to loosen.

Instead of biting, we advise cutting raw carrots or hard fruits such as apples into small pieces and avoiding chewing on stringy meat.

It’s best to avoid hard breads, nuts, popcorn, caramel, chewing gum and other sticky foods.