Orthodontics for children

When we treat children, we take special care to ensure treatments are developed that don’t pose any limitations to the patient’s everyday life. We work closely with other specialists, such as speech therapists and ENT physicians to find the optimal solution for integral problems.

Treatments for early mixed dentition

Orthodontic treatment is particularly important between the ages of 6 and 9 years, as at this point, only the incisors and molars have erupted, with baby teeth forming the rest of the set. Accordingly, at this age, the key focus of functional orthodontics is placed on correct facial and soft tissue growth to achieve increased biting stability.

Treatments for late mixed/permanent dentition (approx. age 10-30 years old)

Once the permanent dentition has fully developed and all teeth have completely erupted, we can start to correct any tooth misalignments.

During puberty, outward appearances take centre stage. We therefore pay special attention to achieving the optimal aesthetic solution for our patients. This growth phase is a particularly good time to adjust the jaw. If the patient is willing to cooperate with the dentist, successful results can be achieved in a comparatively short space of time.